Getting Your Non-Profit Ready for a New Year!


In our work with non-profits, we are seeing a few trends emerge that we wanted to highlight.

Technology: With the rise of generative AI, technology has never had so much potential to transform. Staying current with both the opportunities and risks is key.

Clear Governance Structure: Does your staff know what they are responsible for? Ensuring there is structure within a team creates a more productive work environment.

Mental Health Support: Ensure employees are aware of the resources and options available to them. Normalize the conversation around mental health and emphasize the importance of taking time for yourself.

Flexible Work Environment: Having some flexibility with work hours, work locations, or additional work arrangements can not only create a more engaged workforce, but it can also show employees that there is trust.

Comparators: Ask yourself these questions – who is doing similar work in the sector. How can you collaborate and create partnership opportunities with them?

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